For anyone without anxiety

We can’t just stop worrying. That’s like telling someone who’s bleeding to just stop bleeding.

its not an act. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. If we are having a panic attack it’s not attention seeking, it’s real. Calling us names like psyco aren’t funny, it just proves you’re a loser.

It’s not just being shy. For me, I can’t raise my hand in class, I can’t start a conversation with you, no matter how much if like too. I can’t stop overthinking everything, i have lost so many opportunities to anxiety, I get panic attacks, i self harm, I feel people are constantly judging me e.t.c.

Just because you don’t understand, doesn’t make us the weird kids. We are normal people. We watch TV and we laugh. After you find out we have a mental disorder we don’t just change.

You don’t know how much crap you have to go through to self harm. Believe me it’s a lot.

So next time someone has the confidence to say they have anxiety or self harm. Don’t call them depressed or psyco. Please don’t say it’s just an act and please don’t give them more shit. We already hate ourselves and you name calling? It makes it worse.

Sam Pepper Drama

Recently Sam Pepper has been under a lot of attack over accusations of sexual assault after he released a prank video of him touching girls butts. Whilst I agree that what he’s done was wrong, he doesn’t deserve to be told to go die or rot in hell e.t.c…

Telling anyone to go kill themselves is wrong, no matter what they’ve done, if you say that you’re just as bad as them. What if it turns out he was innocent of the claims then you’d be guilty. I am in no way justifying his actions but you can’t just make someone miserable because of they’re mistakes.

What if he did go die. What if he went out and ran in front of a road. I bet most people would just say they’re glad he’s dead or better dead than alive. This controversy has caused him to delete his instagram. He’s clearly hurting by the things your saying.

Karma’s already come and bit him in the butt, or should I say gone taking away at least 10,000 subscribers, banned him from VidCon, made him lose friends and fans, let people call him mean things… So your witty comments saying ‘d*ckhead’, or ‘little piece of sh*t’ don’t help at all.

Please keep your opinions to yourself if they’re gonna hurt someone.